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A CPU question

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May 17, 2005
High Desert, Calif.
I was just reading SF's Sneaking up on you Subpar! and caddi daddi said
caddi daddi said:
stop cpu folding

Well O.K., but I had a situation a while back, where my GPU WU tanked, and went straight to hell.

what I did was to pause the CPU WU with the Client Advanced Control(for Windows); is there a more desirable way to stop the CPU WU?
Pause works fine. The wu will resume from last checkpoint, so may want to wait until just after the checkpoint is written to minimize lost progress. The advanced control fold/pause/fold buttons affect all the slots. For a specific slot, right click on the slot and select fold/pause/finish.

If you use finish, the slot will complete the current wu before pausing, but you will need to manually pause the slot before rebooting to keep the slot from autostarting and downloading a new wu.
Select the cpu slot, right click when the Fold, pause, finish menu pops up click finish - that way you will not dump the WU. When its finished and uploaded remove the cpu slot to stop the client starting a new WU if you have to reboot/restart
Generally you'd leave one CPU core per GPU folding.
But GPU's have come a long way so it's not worth folding on the CPU much anymore.

That said, I wonder if there is an excess of CPU WU's now that more and more people are not CPU folding anymore?
there seems to be plenty of wu's for everybody right now.
folding seems to be all about number of cores, a video cards has a vast amount of cores compared to cpu's.
the panda team does not seem to be encouraging cpu folding by adding points to cpu wu's so I'd just gpu fold.
I for one would like to see the day when all computing is done on the gpu and the cpu becomes support staff, just there to manage the system.
You can fold with the CPU but I stopped doing it quite some time ago. For me, I found that my overall system stability went down as the heat created by my CPU was tremendous and I'm always looking for a silent system. Those things don't go together. If you do CPU fold, as mentioned above, leave one thread open per GPU. If you have a core i7 quad with HT, then you have 8 threads. If you have 1 GPU, then only fold with 7 threads. If you have 3 GPUs, then CPU fold with 5 threads. Each GPU will want one CPU thread to feed it data to crunch.