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A few questions on TEC cooling...

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Blue Jester_2112

May 11, 2001
I have a piii700 at 933, I want to push it up to 980 or even 1ghz. I know it will run 980 at 1.75v and am assuming that it shouldn't take too much more juice to push it up even higher. At present I'm using a globalwin VOS32 lapped smooth and standard zinc thermal paste to cool. Under load my temps never reach above 37C. My question is this. To move it up to 980 or even 1gig would TEC cooling be good idea? Also, will it work with my current HS/F? I have a Anantec (probably spelt that wrong) 300w psu powering 2 WD 7200rpm drives, a creative dvd, an HP CD-r, an ATI Radeon 32, 2 120mm fans, 1 80mm fan, 1 slot fan, 1 network card, 1SB Live, a Bl'orb and the 2 fans on my HS, would my psu still have enough juice to power a 75 or 85 watt pelt? and would a 75 or 85 watt pelt be enough? Also, how risky are TEC's?

Thanx for any input.
TEC's are pretty risky and require a PSU all to themselvs. You can up the voltage to about 1.95v with a good Heatsink and a good fan and be just fine. I would try that first. Just keep an eye on the temps.

What voltage are you running right now?

TEC's bring a whole world of problems with them, One major problems of tec's are that they cool BELOW the ambient temp and produce frost and or water. You need to insulate very well to avoid this.
Thanks for the swift reply, the condesation was just what I was worried about. Right now I.m running my cpu at 933 at 1.65v, and it will run 980 at 1.75-1.8v depending on the ambient temp. The only reason I'm not running it at 980 all the time is my ram, I have 1 128 stick of muskin that works great, but I also have a stick of 256 generic 133 that doesn't relly like to do anything above 133. I'm planning to remedy that this summer with a stick of tonicom pc166 though.
Should I upgrate to an alpha HS when I try to oc it more? will how many dimms is that going to block on a BE6-II?

Thanks again
As usual, TECs are great ways to cool CPUs. Condensation is definitely a problem, but they can usually be worked around. If you have a really, really good PSU, you may be able to power all the items with one power supply. Unless you get a power supply that delivers the specified amount of voltage needed, you'll only get about 56 watts of cooling on a standard 12 volt line with a 16 volt peltier. Also, you'll need to be able to push enough amps. I''ve found that they usually range around 7-8 volts. For a 85 watt pelt, you'll get about 64 watts of cooling. The important thing to remember is that you'll need to properly cool the peltier as well. Without it, you may end up making your CPU even hotter. I'm not sure about your current heatsink, but I'm sure it'll be fine. A watercooling system would probably yield the best results, though
thanx for the info guys, those links were a big help. I think I'm gonna stick with air cooling and try to improve on my case air flow and ventilation.