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A simple question concerning Multipliers.

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Mar 23, 2001
Guys, I have had my machine set at both 133fsbX8mult and 105fsbX10Mult
Machine pretty well scores the same on 3DMark2001 and Sandra with iether setup. What are the differences from my computers point of view and the advantages of these two different ways of setting it up.
Runnin an 850 Duron @1050 on A7V133raid mobo and 133 Micron ram @140 and my TNT2m64 vid overclocked 155Core and 175Memory.
Thanks guys.
Two months ago I had no idea what any of these terms meant.
You guys make good teachers.
"I wanna go liquid man"
Clock On!
I bet u got the best result @ 133x8, right? U should get a better score, with these settings, cuz the high FSB speed is better than a high multiplier.