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and I thought my temps were too good to be true

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Mar 16, 2001
Lafayette, La.
I just built a system about a week ago. It is stable as a rock and it screams. But I thought maybe something was wrong with the temp sensor. Room temp about 68-70 and VIA hareware monitor show system temp @23 with left side of case off and 25 with case on. Shows cpu temp @ 2-3 degrees above system temp @ idle and never got above 36. Until today!!!!!!!!!!

Today I encoded my first DVD into MPEG-4 format (actually I am doing it right now). And the temp shot up to 47. It is bouncing between 46 & 47 but not above 47.

Here is my system:

Iwill kk266 rev1.2
1GHz (266fsb) AXIA T-bird @ 1.33GHz
256megs Crucial PC133 ram
GeForce2 MX 400 64mb
WD 30GB 7200rpm ATA100
12x Creative Labs DVDrom
Coolermaster HSF rated for T-bird 1.2GHz (until my swiftek MC462A gets here)
and stuffed it all into an Antec sx830 case

Heres my question. I heard cpu temps can be off by as much as 10 degrees? I did bend my sensor up befor I installed the cpu. Are these temps ok? or should I hold off on mpeg encoding until the swiftek arrives?
My personal recommendation for these AXIA's is that up to 50C (load...not idle) is ok as long as the system is stable. I'd keep an eye on it but not be too concerned. As outside temperatures warm up it'll be more important to have good cooling....that coolermaster isn't the best in the world and isn't rated for the frequency you're running at.
You just discovered an excellent CPU stressing method. Generally, you should not be satisfied with an OC'ing setup until it performs reliably during a CPU stressing program, like Prime95, BurnK6, F@H, 3D Mark 2001, etc. I guess you can add compiling MP3s to that list. Your temp, though not ideal, is acceptable as long as you don't start seeing file errors, BSODs, lockups, etc. Do strive to keep it below 50C always and ideally below 45C for optimum performance.