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Anyone know how to fix a Compunurse?

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Mr. Box

New Member
Feb 14, 2001
I just got me a CompuNurse and its giving me really bad temp readings. I mean I get negative values for room temp as an example. I placed the thermistor right next to the cpu core so as not to crush yet still read the core's temp as accurately as possible. Basically, I don't think I killed the thermistor. Anyway, has anyone come across this problem and/or know how to fix it?
Is thermistor blue? If so it's probably a 10K thermistor, check it with ohm meter, it should show 10k and as it heats up the resistance reduces. Try a 10k resistor on the compunurse in place of the thermistor and it should show room temp, if you want to get real fancy try a 20k pot and adjust it and watch temp change.

Chances are that you've crunched the thermistor and it's very low resistance or dead short. If you short the input wires/pins of the Compunurse and get the same reading then that's what happened.

For replacement thermistors try here http://www.allelectronics.com/
Damn ... its dead. Going to have to replace it. I dunno much about thermistors, so I was wondering what resistance thermistor will allow me to read below zero? I'm assuming there will be differences in the readouts depending on resistance. Seeing that that is inevitable, how will I be able to calibrate it, "adjust it"as LimeyGreg said?
What was dead, the thermistor or the Compunurse electronics? I'm assuming the thermistor. No calibration will be necessary, most thermistors are standard values.

If you can't get a read from the dead one the just get a 10k resistor from Radio Shack and connect it to the Compunurse thermistor input - if the temp shows approx 25C then that's the value you need as a replacement.

If you are feeling really adventurous get a bunch of thermistors and a miniature rotary switch. Solder the thermistors to the terminals of the switch (after adding 6~12 inches of wire of course) and take the wiper connection to the compunurse - now you've got a multi-sensor compunurse:)