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ATA 100 controller not working on A7V

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Dec 18, 2000
ATA 100 was not out yet when I bought my Maxtor ultra/66 but my board manual says that it is backward compatible. Asus tech was worthless when I called them. They said I had to format and reinstall my os on the 100 controller. (using win ME) I did this and my drive is still not recognized. I have the bios 1004c that came with the board and I have read the manual back to front so many times all the pages are WARPED!. Please help me!
I had the same problem until I upgraded my BIOS to 1005b.

Good luck.
make sure that you have the newest promise driver loaded for the A7V...you can get it in the downloads section at www.asus.com.tw

Also, you may want to flash either the 1005B or the 1005C bios...I'm using 1005B with ME and it works fine off of the DMA100 controller...here's a link for 1005B

Ok the first thing you need to check is that you have the promise controller enabled in the bios.
Hmm, er.. Why not just run the ata66 drive off the primary ide ata66 controller? Well, to answer my own question, the promise controller probably yields better performance even for ata66.. Yes I agree.. Hey bud, stop talking to yourself? Ahh, k..
Actually I seem to remember someone reporting that HD Tach was actually showing lower throughput on the Promise if you were running ATA66, I think it may be because its a hardwired PCI card <it functions as a PCI card, whereas the onboard VIA controller is integrated into the Northbridge>. Hey I hit 100 posts with this one, lol, I live for overclocking.
I want to use mt ATA100 controller so that I can put my CDRW on my primary IDE controller and my CDR on my seconndary and have them all set as masters for faster performance. (not all on the same cable). Plus I would like to try and learn Linux And I have another 8 gig hard drive to use as a dual boot system. thanks for the tips