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Senior Member
Jun 26, 2002
When you start a thread about your game you want to discuss please don't just say the acronym such as AC2 for example. at least once in your first post please WRITE IT OUT for those of us that don't eat sleep and breathe the game you are referring to.

I see it all the time here and it really annoys me cause half the time i don't know what game is being discussed.

That is all :)

Maxvla :burn:
That really annoys me too. I didnt know what RTCW stood for and saw lots of posts for it lol (its return to castle wolfenstien for those who dont know). But i admit I have been guilty of doing this :D.
Haha, good point Maxvla, I don't know what people are talking about a lot of the time :D
games like UT, UT2k3, CS are probably ok.

but games like MOHAA or whatever... i still don't know what game that is :confused:
Maybe thee can just be a sticky that no one is allowed to post in, and the mods just update a list of aconyms.

Of course its easier on everyone, if people just take the extra second to type the name out.
Here's just a few that I could think of right off the top of my head. :)

UT – Unreal Tournament
UT2K3 - Unreal Tournament 2003
Q3 – Quake 3
NOLF – No One Lives Forever
NOLF2 - No One Lives Forever 2
CS – Counter Strike
MOHAA - Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
RTCW - Return To Castle Wolfenstien
JK2 – Jedi Knight 2
WC3 – Warcraft 3
D2 – Diablo II
LOD – Lord Of Destruction (Diablo II expansion)
NFS – Need For Speed
FS2 - FreeSpace 2
SOF - Soldier Of Fortune
SOF2 - Soldier Of Fortune 2
BF1942 - Battlefield 1942
AVP2 - Aliens vs. Predator 2

I hope I got all of them right. :p