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Best PIII Fan!

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Dec 30, 2000
This is my first post! I have a PIII 500 system, recently the Fan speed went down from 4900 to 4100 and sometimes 3900! now the temperature is over 40, and once it reached 49 C. I want to buy a new fan, but I cant decide which one is the best since i'm thinking of overclocking my system also. Shall I replace the heatsinc also, or just the fan? my system's fan is intel! -I guess that means my PIII is retail not OEM!!!-

Are you sure that your fan is connected well, and gets enough power?

You'll have to replace the heatsink as well, if you want some nice results! Get a good heatsink+fan combo, and use that instead of the stock heatsink+fan.

You might want to check the market for Alpha or GlobalWin, they are some the best air-coolers available!
How can I verify if it gets enough power? do you want me to unplug some of the components inside my PC to see if anything will change? I dont have any special tool to measure the power that reaches the FAN! I dont know what happened to my system, suddenly this problem occurred
If it's an old fan and has seen a lot of hours it's probably bad. Many CPU fans are sleeve bearing affairs which are only good for a couple years at best. If it's on the way out, it will die and then you WILL have a problem. There are many inexpensive heatsink/fans out there- or better yet, upgrade now and get yourself a little better one. It's a good investment!
If you are going to start over clocking you might as well bite the bullet and get yourself a good heat sink fan combo now. I would recomend either an Alpha or Global Win
i say you take the computer... go to the top floor of a really high building... and turf it... then you get yer *** down to the local computer store and buy somethin worth WHILE!
I'd say just get an 80mm fan, like a sunon or such, and duct it with cereal box cardboard or thin lexan. My guess is that you have a 60mm fan or smaller. An 80mm will push much more air for the same amount of noise.
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Don’t listen to Magnus, PIII’s still have their value for most households. dadx2mj is right on the money. You can get a heatsink/fan combo like mine for less than 20 bucks and it is very good for moderate overclocking. This thing pushes the air at 6000rpm’s. Mine is regulated by ASUS probe to run quiet at 4500 until it reaches 35 degrees, then kicks into high gear. Globalwin P328H

If you want the top performer, get the Alpha P3125, but they’re expensive.
500 mhz could easily OC to 600-700 mhz with good cooling, and 700 mhz is no laughing speed, you can do lots of things, server, mp3, browsing, just not gaming or 3d animation/modeling, but its not obselete.
Who says 500Mhz can't game? Maybe not UT2k3 but with a decent vid card and ample RAM that will play most games just fine. You might check to see if your current heatsink + fan is all clogged with dust, that can be a very good cause of the symtoms you mentioned. My neighbour called me up saying her system kept freezeing up ( a Celly 667) I went over and the fan couldn't even turn with all the crap in it, coulnd't even see the fins of the HS. If thats the case, give it a good cleaning... heck clean it anyway and see what happens. Can't hurt to try and maybe save yourself a few bucks.