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best super7 setups?

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New Member
Mar 30, 2002
alright Cats and Kitties time for a nostalgia trip:

I must first say that I'm not a clocker...some would say I'm only a marginal builder.

I currently have three 'puters, all of which I built , none of which work entirely right. I'm curious if any of you have suggestions for improving the performance of the systems using my current inventory of parts. one system is used 90% for gaming, one 75%, and the other 50%(25%music{Cakewalk etc}25% productivity).

1)Shuttle HOT 591p mobo
vanta/64m 32meg
20G maxtor
250w ps
other)52x CD-Rom
2)Soyo 5EMA+
Herc prophet 4500(kyroII) 64m
40G maxtor
256M pc 133
230w ps
D-link DE528
USR 56 int fax modem
other) 48x CD-Rom, zip 250 sidewinder precision racing wheel
3) FIC va 503a
vanta/64M 32meg
SB live
18.4G maxtor
384M pc100
230W ps
D-link DE528
USR 56 int fax modem
other 52x Cd-Rom, 8x4x24x yamaha burner, 4port USB4.0
sidewinder force racing wheel,saitek cyborg2000

Other spare parts) Diamond monster sound
velocity 4400 video
voodoo 3000
maxtor 20.4G HD

any recommendations y'all can offer up will be greatly appreciated (aside from the obvious "chuck it all and start over")

Thx all

repo man11

Dec 28, 2001
The best thing you could do for all three systems, is come up with a K6-3+ CPU. These were the best socket 7 CPU ever made, .18 micron architecture, enhanced 3D instructions, and 256k of level 2 cache. Sadly, the only place you'll find one of these is on Ebay, and the prices are ridiculous. The next best thing is a K6-2+, which is the same, except it has only 128k level 2 cache. Tiger Direct has these for $35.00 for a 450, and these should be good for up to and maybe a little over 600 MHz. There is a page that has BIOS files to take advantage of these chips enhancements here It also has some more info. I have a K6-2+ 475 that runs 575 (5x115) on an Epox board. The Soyo board you have is a good one, and I've heard good things about the Shuttle one as well. Don't like what I've heard about the FIC, but maybe you've had better luck.
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