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Biostar M7MIA

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Feb 25, 2001
Anyone have a Biostar M7MIA DDR compatible motherboard? I just ordered one and was wondering what everyone's thoughts/suggestions/opionons are on it.

Well, since no one gave me any opinions, I'll go ahead and post a mini-review now that I have it in and up and running:

It's an extremely stable board. Overclocking options are next to nil. It doesn't have any options for adjusting the multiplier or voltage settings. Also, there's zero temp sensors, so I can't monitor my hardware very well. It does, however, have a slight FSB mod that is in the BIOS. I had my 1.0 T-Bird up to 1170 (117 FSB x 10.0) and it ran extremely stable. Just wish I knew the temps while I was doing it. So, just to be safe, I'm only running it at 1.1 GHz (110 FSB x 10.0) and I haven't had one problem. The DDR memory is astounding and really picks up the overall pace of the PC. WinTune gave the memory super-high marks. When compared with a buddy's P4 1.4 with RDRAM, my DDR was faster when clocked at 117 FSB (for a fraction of the cost of RDRAM). My processor is only a 200 MHz FSB but I ordered PC2100 hoping to overclock the CPU and drop the multiplier, but that's not an option with this board. So I can only imagine the numbers I'd be getting if I could run the memory at 266. Since I bought the 1.0 T-Bird instead of a faster model and saved a few duckettes, I'll probably just wait until a 1.6 or higher 266 CPU is available and upgrade to get the most out of this thing.

Overall: If you're looking for an inexpensive DDR MB and don't have a lot of overclocking goals, it's a good board. But, if you want to always eek the most out of your CPU and memory, try the FIC.
I'm also using a Biostar Board as of right now (waiting for my Epox in the mail =D), and it (socket A M7VKB) also has no no multiplier or voltage settings (grrr!), but does have the same FSB feature in the Bios you mentioned. I've had no problems with it, but it appears Biostar isn't to big on Overclocking =/