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boot error

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Jan 10, 2002
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
Hey there peeps...

I have an intell comp here right now and I just put the mother together, I don't know for sure if the drive has an OS on it, but when the system boots, following the post it says something and then there is this little (80) next to the string of words... any one know what this is all about?¿

Why don't you just boot to a floppy and do a dir on hdd? If it's a new system, who cares, just run format c:/s and install the OS.
Sounds like a ribbon cable error. You probably have a ATA HDD device on the old 40 pin cable and it needs the shielded 80 wire(40 pin) connector to run at full speed. It should run at ATA33 till you upgrade the cable. You may also have the cable improperly installed. The blue connector goes into the motherboard.
is it a blue screen with a whole bunch of junk like x000000080
if it is it means there is not a valid boot device dected, which means a few things
1. Cables are incorrectly attached, fix it!!:D
2. The motherboard cannot read the old information off the hard drive because its angry (happend to me when i upgraded to p4) so just format the drive

If the cables are correctly inserted then just format the drive and you'll be good to go, have fun with the new system!
Reformat and try agin

Hay i am kind of new to the hole Computers thing i am taking A+ classes right now. But this is what i would do first thing.

1. I would boot up for a Floppy disk and See if you can see the contenst of you hard drive.

2. Then form ther i would deside if i would Reformat and partition and reinstall a O/S

Well good luck to you dude.