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Buy New PSU vs Keep the Old PSU?

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Feb 7, 2017
I bought this PSU (Corsair 1000HX) in Dec 2009. About 8 years old.


I have no issues with it yet, still going strong. But in 2015/2016 I upgraded FROM a i7-930 cpu, x58 mb, 2 480s SC, and 16gb DDR3 ram to i7-5930k cpu, x99 mb, 2 980s classifieds, 32gb DDR4 ram. I am wondering should I replace the PSU? Is there a need, unless it not working right? Will I benefit from a new PSU?


Check with a voltmeter if it's still putting out volts within specs. i believe std is 5% of spec. If you can visually inspect the capacitors for swelling without opening it up that can be a good indicator if it's about to die.
I get this below, instead of 12v I get 9.240v and with speedfan which is not below says 10.47v. Bios does show 12+v.

Sensors can be inaccurate. For your best results use an actual voltmeter on a 4 pin molex connector. Black lead on black. You should read near 12v from the yellow wire and near 5v from the red wire.
after 8 years it's just time to retire it to spare status, the older it gets the higher the risk of failure........
At efiloon - do not open up your Power Supply. If you have to ask this question, you probably shouldn't be messing around inside a power supply. :)

Excellent point EarthDog makes.......unless you have a good idea of what you are looking for probably best to stay out of the PSU......but you could still test as Blaylock says above....
Sensors can be inaccurate. For your best results use an actual voltmeter on a 4 pin molex connector. Black lead on black. You should read near 12v from the yellow wire and near 5v from the red wire.

This ^^^^ You'll get the information you need by following these directions. You can't hurt anything doing this.
Thanks everyone, yea its weak 12v, I have ordered a new PSU should be here in a couple of days. Sucks that I have to do cable management again as I just got done on a rebuild, guess I should've just gotten a new PSU to begin with....
Fortunately I'm still running 11-year old Corsair modular HX520's on my two Intel E7500 and E8500 machines and their 12V sides haven't wavered more than .1 volt (still about 11.92 - 12.16 respectively) with overall light usage. I'm not a power user and a modular fanless Seasonic 460W powers this 6600K and its light overclock. I had always wanted to try one of the top-tier fanless units.
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Got the Corsair HXi1200 in, love Corsair Link software and the blue sleeve cabling . Problems look to be gone :) Thanks guys for the help.