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Call me crazy but will this work? A Global win cak38 with no fan?

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Jun 3, 2001
Being a newbie im wondering just how much air is needed on the heatsink. My ideal was to place a student type portable fan blowing directly into the case at the heatsink. My problem is noise, even this stock heatsink that came with the amd1200 is loud. I need to replace the heatsink with something better regardless but not so sure i can live with sound that has to be worse then this stock fan.

Ive had my case off for the old p2-400 for years so thats not a concern. Sure i could start adding fans all over the case and place the side back on but id prefer not too. Regardless, even with case on at 6 feet from my bed, that comp is now too loud after the upgrade.

Btw, the 6in clipon fan would be powered by the ups as is the computer, so any poweroutage will result in both eventually turning off.

Any ideals? Key reason for the cak 48 is only because its readily available locally, i dont want to order online.
A Global win cak38 with no fan? Don't even think about it... you can buy quiet fans however running without them is not something I would advise even to crazy people :)
I'm going to have to strongly agree w/ UnseenMenace. I use a CAK38 on an Intel PIII 850 w/ is hotter running than most Intel CPU's. At 40c load running Prime95 the the base of the CAK38 is warm to the touch.

Much unlike, Alumnium which shed's it's heat quicker but absorbs slower, Copper absorbs heat off the CPU quicker but shed's it's heat to the air slower. Add an AMD CPU to the mix and the need for a fan becomes even more prevalant as the heatsink is likely to get hotter than w/ an Intel core

Therefore, fans are probably 10x more important on a Copper heatsink vs. a Alumnium one. My .02
There is a good article on the front page about fans, noise, and high end TBirds you should give it a read.

Athalons need some serious cooling. While we would all like to have what you are suggesting the reality is it takes a serious cooling solution to get the most out of the current AMD's. Don't evnen think about running that cpu without a fan.

You can improve on your stock cooler quite a bit if you clean off the thermal pad that it came with, lap the sink and use Artic Silver grease on it. If you are not going to OC this just may be good enough but if you do OC that is another story.
You would probably do better with a) water cooling or b) Get some good case fans, YStech and Panaflow have reps as being quieter than others. Then closing your case and doing some sound proofing. Rubber or neoprene washers on all the fan mounts, weatherstripping on the case panels, some sound deadening spray foam...that kind of thing.
Okay Crazy :)

If you want to quiet that heatsink down, you could replace the fan with a larger, quieter one. I know a lot of people replaced the 60mm on their FOP-32 / 38's with an 80mm, and stretched the retention bracket to hold it. I haven't seen the cak38, but I imagine you could do something similar. If you are looking for good, quiet 80mm fans, I recommend Panaflo L1A's. I bought two, and they are very quiet. They are rated at 21 dBa, and I believe it.

I usually buy fans from 2cooltek and Plycon.

You can also read up on other ways to quiet a computer at 7volts