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Celeron 1300 with 1794MHz! at 138fsb tested.

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Cemal Gurel

Dec 11, 2002
Hi :D

I have at last tested my Celeron 1300 with 138fsb. He He He... :sn:

I will give the SiSoft Sandra Standard 2004.2.9.104 results under WinXP SP2-RC2 v.2149 build 2600 on my Asus P3C-E Rambus motherboad with 256MB 1066Mhz Samsung RDRams mounted. I have more Ram but this 1066MHz one is single.

Generally, I am using my Celeron 1300 at 133.9fsb with 1.6Volts very stable with Vantec Aerocool Cooler. I have modified the cooler, because it was so big is size to fit vertically for my Slot 1 based mobo. I have cut 1 cm out from top, not to hit to my RDRam Slots. I will give 2 results, with 1740Mhz 133.9fsb and 1794MHz 138fsb.

1.6Volts 1740MHz: 1.75Volts 1794MHz:

CPU: 5470 Mips CPU: 5638 Mips
FPU: 2384M Flops FPU: 2457 MFlops

iSSE: 15544 it/s iSSE: 16022 it/s
iSSE: 18332 it/s iSSE: 18895 it/s

Int B.: 994 MB/s Int B.: 1025 MB/s
Flo B.: 980 MB/s Flo B.: 1007 MB/s

PR 2089 Rating PR 2153 Rating
CPU temp: ~55'C CPU temp: ~60'C
Power Cons. 53 Watt Power Cons. 65 Watt
Cooling: 0.34'C/W Cooling: 0.40'C/W

RDRam Freq: 402x2 MHz RDRam Freq: 414x2 MHz
CL: 2-2 timing CL: 2-2 timing
FSB: 133.9 MHz FSB: 138 MHz :-/

I think those are enough for having an idea about P3 CPU performance with my Upgradeware Slot-T Tualatin CPU Converter. At Sandra Benchmarking tests, Graphics Card does not matters at all, so I have tested with my oldest ATI All In Wonder Pro Graphics with 8MB SG Rams. The system has a 40GB Seagate 7200.7 HDD.

The reason I have wished to test with a RDRam with a 1066 MHz speed is workability if it at 138 fsb with Cas 2-2 timing. 800 MHz ones allow upto 136 fsb, so they are not good enough to test at 138 fsb fairly. The exact specs of the RDRam is: Samsung MR16R 1628DF0-CT9 32ns.

Everyone is passing on P4 ~3000's like I did but, the older systems can still handle the tasks by their own way. If you compare the results on Sandra, you can see that Celeron 1740 is even faster than P4 2400 with 512K on Multi Media Applications. On my friends Intel 850MV motherboard, with Celeron 2600, Celeron 1794 MHz is faster than it on Multi Media Benchmarking because Celeron 2600 has 15922 it/s and 18763 it/s results which are slower. The Ram benchmarks are also interesting with RD Memory used.

You can base on those results, for testing your old P3 systems, or can compare with your own scores. Intel has a long way to go, because NEW systems are not so NEW by means of performance. :cry: