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Cheap temporary HSF?

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Dec 26, 2000
I'm getting a t-bird 1.33. What is the chapest HSF that will handle this CPU (NON-OC'd) until I finish my WC setup in 3 weeks?
Cheap and temporary don't sound good on a 1.33, Remember, it only takes a few seconds to toast it.

I recommend patience until you can do it right.
Long day at work dealing with people who don't bother comprehanding what your saying.
no, carceron is right, y some of these posts are there is beyond me. he asked a specific question that there are good legitimate answers for. i've heard people respond to this type of question by saying "only the Swiftech 462 is good enough for me". HAHAHA what a load of XXXX

anyway, you can get a Golden Gate w/ a 27 cfm fan for $19.98 shipped. that's cheap, it's also a good backup incase, well you know incase.

heres a link description
yea i agree the golden gate for 20 bucks is great. I also agree people need to learn to answer questions. I sure hope some of these people dont work for customer service for some company.
I read carefully. Cheap to most people is not in the $20-$25 range. Temporary (2 to 3 weeks) often turn into months. If $20-$25 is cheap to you for a heat sink, great. But you did not specify that. My error was only in interpreting your definition of "cheap."

Please don't take this as a flame. Keep in mind there are POS $5 heatsinks in the market all the way up to $80 swiftecs. What range of that is cheap is relative to the individual.

I should have asked you to clarify. My advice is sound for most people.

I'm here to help, and find help, not be insulted. So please, let's take it down a notch, OK?

Regarding HSF, at 1.33, the cheapest I would go would be the GlobalWin WBK68 - you can pick it up for about 18, at directron.com. Not as good as the WBK38 but very quiet.

I have the WBK68 w/ACII running great on a PC w/ [email protected]&1.8v = 45C at load.

Good Luck with the WaterCooling when it gets there.
Stevel, obviously you did not read cearfully. Because if you did you would notice the word "handle". If a HSF will "toast" the t-bird than it's not able to handle the cpu. There for I do NOT want it. Yes I do realise there is a wide price range. If I did not than I would have never made the post. I do not want to spend $80 on a HSF that I will use for a short period of time.
That post I made was not rocket science. It was a simple question looking for knowledge from someone that had the time to reasherch HSF's. I was not looking for post with comments that stated obvious things and did not answer my question in one bit.

I was not aware my first responce was so racheded up that it needed to be taken "down a notch". But if you say so, I will. And thank you for recomending the HSF.
Plat & Ferg,
I'm not perfect, but take it easy guys...no one is.
I wasn't being condescending, (I don't think).

And I happen to be a support manager. Customer support managers report to me... no not in the PC industry. :)

actually carc, the tone it down may have been aimed at me.

but steve i really wasnt' referring to you, it was the "y do u have to be rude" remark that i found annoying, first of all, ppl weren't answering his direct question, then when he questioned the validity of those responses he was told he was being rude.

in a basic human conversation. if i initiate a conversation about a particular topic then others keep interupting with useless information, that is considered rude. now if that same person then tells me that i am being rude because i reminded him that he wasnt really answering the question i asked in the first place, then i'd say that's being really rude.

also, steve, i found your second post much more to the point, you shouldn't have assumed that he meant $5.00 hs when he said cheap, if you had asked for clarification instead, then it would ve been a much more productive post.

just my opinion anyway.

good luck w/ whichever hs you choose carc.
lets drop it k guys.There are several misunderstandings giong on here. Carceron got his answer(a good one IMO) and will be happy with either of them. This does happen a lot though and I too am guilty of not really answering a question.