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Check out my Morrowind fort! (56k beware)

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Dec 20, 2000
BC Canada
Hey people, I just finished my fort in Morrowind. Here are some pics

Just outside Balmora

I have my own trader, who happens to have 1 million gold on her, just to be safe...hehe

A glimps of the inside of my fort. I have a bedroom, kitchen, dinning room and the study, which you see in this pic!

What ya'll think? Good, no?
Yeah, it's my pride and joy. I made it with the Elder Scrolls construction set, and it didn't take very long either.

The jacuzi is coming, along with the 52" TV and the Athlon Xp2400+ computer! hehe ;)
i just started playing morrowind a little over a week ago and haven't even touched the construction set.

can't wait to get my new computer online and upload some screenies, this game is so beautiful.

Yeah, this game seriously kicks a**. Worth every penny! My friend has also built himself a house, but my fort is still better ;)
can you import it into the game?? like a place so you can teleport to whenever you're in trouble or something?? I wish they enable this thing to be online or something.... like everquest but i think this would be better. :D
The pics are fixed. I had to fix my server, refresh and see. As for the importing, yes I can send you the add-on file, (about 1MB). If ya want it, PM me!
Looks pretty cool.... I've only played the Xbox version of Morrowind at a friend's house, might have to check out the PC version. Almost bought it around the time it came out, never did though :rolleyes:.

Where is the maid? Every fort needs a servant or two....
I don't want anyone INSIDE my fort, I keep the servent outside (guard). I don't want them stealing any of my stuff...;)