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Choppiness when playing game.

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Feb 26, 2002
Rome, NY
Well, I didn't want to post this in the Video Card forum because I know the problem isn't my video card. I am running my Hercules GeForce 2 in my 2nd rig (T-bird 1GHz) and I'm gettign choppy game play when I play Medal of Honor. I don't know what's up because the video card works fine in my first rig. I have all updated drivers installed on my video card, sound card and motherboard. Please help. Thanks.
I usually clean out my taskbar before playing. I shut down pretty much everything but the game ... so I don't think that's it.
Don't just clear the task bar, check your processes in the ctl-alt-delete menu as well.
If it's not software, it may just be that gigabyte mobo. Sometimes a mobo just won't work with a certain video card. My old ECS k7s5a would get unstable if I used my geforce 2 mx400 in it.
Have you got your 4 in 1 drivers installed. These include an agp driver that might sort our your issue.

Whats the agp appature sp? size set at in the bios?

Also check to make sure the card is running at agp 4x in the bios. Sandra will tell you if it is running correctly in windows.
4 in 1 is installed. The AGP driver for the mobo is not needed if using Windows XP is what it says at the Gigabyte website. Appature size is set to 128MB, and it is in 4x mode.

It's not choppy all the time, just when there's alot going on on the screen it seems like.
sometimes a reinstall of dirx or of your drivers can fix that
i believe i heard if your running xp dont d/l the 4 in 1 ,do it individually. my .02...