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cold plate question .............

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Mar 2, 2002
Will i drop the temp of my processor if a add a copper cold plate to my cooling system. Right now my copper water block is in direct contact with my CPU core with nothing in between. I read some where that adding a plate reduces the temps even further is this true ? ? Has anyone trid this and if so what are the results ?

Thanx for any info :D


Jan 29, 2002
Calgary, Alberta
You would only use a cold plate when using a pelt. You sandwich the pelt between the water block and the cold plate and then the cold plate is installed directly on the CPU. The cold side of the pelt removes all the heat from the cold plate and allows more heat to be transfered to it from the CPU. The water block is then used to dissipate heat from the hot side of the pelt.

Hope that clears it up a bit.


Jun 10, 2001
Tokyo, Japan
No, its not true.

If you use a cold plate you should put a peltier between the block and the coldplate. A coldplate all by itself it just adding resistance.

The goal is getting the heat off of the CPU and into the water. A coldplate by itself will ruin your temps.