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Cooling a GeForce 3

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May 15, 2001
Woking (near London) U.K.
I want to air cool my new card when I get it in a couple of days ;D Any ideas on how to do this well? I thought about using a CPU HSF but I don't know which ones would fit.
I don't mind losing PCI slots coz I only have 2 cards :)
Also anyone know how you remove the HSF off a elsa gladiac 920?

P.S. Don't suggest using a Blorb they suck
Or if you're into modding, get a blorb, cut it's base off and replace it with a copper one. Or have one made for you...

Blorbs don't actually suck that much, just do some lapping, etc.
The HS is pretty easy to get off a 920, just push out the plastic retaining clips and give the HS a little twist.
I have a peltier and water block on my 920, but any socket 7 cooler would do but mounting it may be tricky. My advice is to come up with some way to bolt it on using the stock mounting holes, epoxy works OK but can be a problem should you ever want to remove it (like for a warrantee claim).
Personally I would not bother with a Blue Orb, they are very poorly made, you need to lap them for ever to get them flat and even then they work little or no better than the stock 920 HS.
You could also try freezing it for a while before taking the HS off to reduce the effects of the combinant agent