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Copper water block question

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As we all know, Copper loses it bright, shiny appearance both when it is touched and turns dark over time. I am waiting for my Maze2 block to arrive and have two questions. First, how do you handle a Copper water block without affecting the block's appearance? I am thinking of wearing latex gloves whenever I touch the block during mounting. Second, how can I maintain the appearance of a Copper block over time? Just curious about how other O/C's deal with these issues. Thanks, Mark.
lol at using latex glove to install it hehe, really all you have to do is have cleans hands and just wipe the block after it you are wanting it spotlees also to keep it bright over time just repolish it
If it tarnishes or gets dull....dunk it in ketchup for a couple of minutes...yeah Im not joking! Next time your at McDonalds..ask for extra ketchup and then its freeee!
Gloves?? Geez, must you care so much for the aesthetic? You might as well coat the waterblock with a thin layer of clear grease to prevent (the marginal) surface oxidation. Heck, it'll even add to the shine!