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Corsair 6500D Airflow

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Jan 31, 2024
Gulf Breeze, FL
Upgrading to a slightly larger case for the game rig. Considering going with a mild Starfield theme, but nothing over the top. No doubt I will be played out on that game in the near future. Painted a few pieces today for contrast...the RX 6800 XT I had already painted. Wanting to go vertical mount for the gpu, but Corsair is dragging their feet getting the bracket to market. I have a CoolerMaster bracket on hand, but it will not work in this case.

Untitled.jpg Untitled.jpg - 1.jpg PXL_20240322_221058736.jpg Untitled.jpg - 2.jpg Untitled.jpg - 3.jpg

Going to be some interesting hard line plumbing with three radiators...

Untitled.jpg - 4.jpg
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Removed everything gamer related from the King 95 case and replaced it with the 7900. Added a RX 5700 XT gpu, but I really don't see the point of it atm lol.

resized.jpg case swap.jpg case swap 2.jpg

Waiting on radiators for the new case...

rads resized.jpg
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WOW! REAL water cooling! :O with a reservoir and brass pipes and everything!

I salute you! :beer:

I have one of those chintzy little AIO deals... I have no idea how there's enough water in the thing without a rez...
Just realized I'm reviewing an Origin Geneis PC with custom watercooling in that chassis. It's such an awesome monstrosity! I'll edit some pics in tonight. Literally just got it and took it out of the box and noticed it was the same, lol.
Look forward to seeing it...hope you have better luck than Steve. After seeing this I would put my build up against anything Origin spits out.
Sadly, Corsair has yet to release the advertised optional panels and vertical gpu bracket for these cases. I'm not installing a gpu until I have one of those brackets in hand.
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Now the fun begins... :rolleyes:

radiators.jpg radiators 2 resized.jpg

Notice in the above image the top radiator has a logo badge which is upside down. I managed to remove the badge/adhesive and polished it somewhat. In the end, if I had it to do over I would likely just order copper colored Primochill radiators and have had slightly better rads with none of the problems. Looks better already with the fan wires routed properly to the back side of the case. Some type of shroud behind that reservoir to hide the pump/wiring would be a nice touch, but I probably won't mess with it for my part.

rad logo removed.jpg


cover maybe.jpg
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Gamer is back online minus the gpu...not putting it in there until Corsair has the vertical gpu mount available. Pushing out air pockets atm.

upand running.jpg

upandrunning 2.jpg

No idea why I have not thought of this before now. Screwed a tube into the fill port, apply a vacuum and the air pockets get gone in a hurry.

air removal resized.jpg
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