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CPU speed

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New Member
Dec 1, 2005
Thornton CO
ok after i bought BF2 + expansion tonight i went to install and i cant because i dont have a good enough processor or so EAsy tells me (the EA benchmark tool)

now when i look at My Computer properties it says i have a 1.29 ghz with 1 gb ram. now the ram is fine but WTF is with the 1.29??? when i bought the processor (AMD XP 3000) after reading reviews online at the time (almost 2 years ago) it was the best for the money. i bought it on the grounds that it was a 2.17 ghz speed. i have done my research again and all the reviews all say its anywhere from 2.09 - 2.19 speed.

after doing more indepth research on the very old AMD Xp CPU's the only 1 i could find was the 1.3 with was a Duron processor.

look at this pic... this is the image of the AMD XP 3000 CPU and its exactly the same that i have in my PC right now except for the color of the board material (yes i just got done taking it apart and removing the CPU from the motherboard) matches perfectly the 27488 even down to the serial number which is only 1500 off Shocked .


so my question is did the people that put my PC together do something to it to make it slower (CompUSA) or is my system telling me the wrong info?

if it is reading properly how can i make it 2.17?

Thanks for reading and for all the replies i will get in advance.


Jan 26, 2003
Land of 10,000 Lakes
Your FSB is probably running lower than the processor is spec'd for. If your chip is a 333FSB one, raise the FSB to 166Mhz. It sounds to me like it is running 100Mhz.


Nov 29, 2001
Looks like you have a 333fsb CPU running @ 200FSB (that's 100x2).

That equates to: 100 X 13 = 1300

Should be: 166 X 13 = 2158

Go into bios and set the FSB value to 166.