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CPU to match GTX 780

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May 6, 2017
Good morning to you all!

It's a very long time now since I builded my computer and lost a track by now, so I kindly ask you for advice. As I said my computer is rather old, however in last few months I have got "new" graphic card as a gift so now I have this combo:

AMD Phenom II X4 965BE
GeForce GTX 780

I would like to boost it a little, even though I have a limited budget for it, so I want to go for processor upgrade, but I am not sure about what to take. First I was thinking about AMD FX-8370, but due to many negative references on AMD processors I was directed to Intel i5-7500. My question is: i5-7500 seems a lot faster, so wouldn't be graphic card bottlenecking this processor? FX-8370 is now about 40-50$ cheaper, so I don't want to spend money on something I won't fully utilise. I am using PC mainly for gaming.
I agree with getting the I5-7500 upgrade if you want to upgrade, let the whatever is going to be the bottleneck, be the bottleneck.
The thing about bottlenecking...

As it stands now, your cpu is bottlenecking the gpu.

If you upgrade the cpu, the gpu will no longer be bottlenecked.

If for some reason the gpu is bottlenecking the cpu, you are still in a better situation than you were in previously. That puts you in a place that you know what your next upgrade is; a new gpu, when your current one becomes insufficient for the games that you want to play.

That said; Personally, I'd recommend a Ryzen 5 1500X over a I5 - 7500. A bit cheaper and still a hell of a lot faster than your current setup.

Sure, IPC and all, but in my opinion, gaining the multi-threading for a significantly lower price than an I7 - 7700k is a very important fact. Games are starting to adopt multi-threaded design in earnest, so you would see a fair bit of difference about a year or two, and AMD is dominating the multi-core performance department with Ryzen.


Heres an idea of how much the upgrade will cost.

You can shave about $100 off if you downgrade the memory to 8 gigs and get a cheaper mobo that has all the features you want. Most of us would advise against downgrading 16 to 8 these days though.

Unfortunately, in both cases, you will need to also upgrade memory, because its ddr4 vs ddr3.

You are limited to around 3000 - 3200 speed ram with ryzen, but worry not; even 2600 memory will only be 1-3 fps less.
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