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Cu water block+Cu radiator+aluminum tank, is this asking for trouble?

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Jan 6, 2001
Newville, PA
I have the dangerden waterblock and radiator, and I'm going to use the Becoolings Aquastealth2 tank w/rio pump, are there any special precautions I need to take besides using distilled water, antifreeze(very little for corrosion) and waterwetter or will this setup still become a battery. If I have to I will just get one of them plastic junction boxes from Home Depot and use that with the rio pump so I won't have to worry bout mixing metals, but I like the looks of the Aluminum tank, plus it could be polished for future case mods ;-) Any help would be greatly appreciated since I will be trying this setup by this coming weekend. Thanks
Why not consider an in-line pump? I have the Dangerden a-maze-ing waterblock (I've ordered the a-maze-ing 2 waterblock...new one they came out very recently...check dangerden.com website for details) with Cooling cube and Eheim1046 in-line pump. In-line pumps will cool the cpu better than with water reservoirs since they don't add heat to the water. Well, if you already have purchased it then just go ahead and give it a shot. I guess you need to use the antifreeze liquid to minimize the corrosion. As long as you use the antifreeze, I don't think copper to aluminium is a problem.
I you really are worried about the "Battery Effect" then drop a piece of zinc in the water tank...
Dump that fancy looking, POS BeCooling crap and buy a decent inline pump. If you need a reservoir, use Tupperware or a plastic electrical junction box. You will spend less, have more fun, a more efficient system and avoid the corrosion problem.
Sounds like you should have no problems. Just be sure to check the H2O level every few weeks and you are good to go. :)