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Damnit, i think i fried something... advice please?

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Mar 7, 2005
the short:
after replacing an old stick of 512mb pc3200 Kingston Value Ram with a pair of 512mb pc3000 Kingston Hyper X, my computer now refuses to start. it gives me a series of long beeps even with the old ram! according to this webpage: http://www.amptron.com/html/bios.beepcodes.html i think i have a ram problem... or, well, i'm not so sure. my problem now is, i'm not sure what to replace.

my specs:
mainboard: nf7s v2
cpu: xpm2500 @ 200x10, 1.575v
gpu: radeon 9500 64mb
OLD ram: 512mb pc3200 kingston value ram @ 2.6v
NEW ram: 2x512mb pc3000 kingston hyper x (i never had the old ram and the new ram installed at once)

the long:
the other day, i replaced an old stick of 512mb pc3200 kingston value ram with a 1gb dual channel kit of 2x512mb pc3000 Kingston Hyper X. i put them in slots 1 and 3. i neglected to reset the CMOS as i remembered (perhaps wrongly?) that isn't necessary for installing new ram. immediately after attempting to start the computer, the leds on my keyboard and mouse lit up like normal but then i heard an accursed single long beep and my monitor stayed black. it beeped again, and after a third long beep, i turned off the pc.

i cursed myself. this was a 'new' pair of ram i just bought that supposedly has bh5 chips and i wanted to get it at pc3200 asap. i was so eager that i neglected safety; i was standing on carpet and wearing a bathrobe, though i always had one hand on a flat piece of metal (this seems to work fine for switching out hdds). i removed the new ram, inserted the old ram and shockingly, i got the series of long beeps again. i turned off the computer, considering what could be wrong. i didn't have the manual with me at the time. i cleared the cmos and reset the jumper and started the computer again. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP <crackling sound> BEEP. after i heard the crackling, i turned off the pc and disconnected everything. i saw and smelled no smoke (and it sounded more like a malfunctioning hdd(!!!!)) but now i'm not sure what to send back and replace. please help me out.

PS: anyone know any good deals for a good electro static discharge (ESD) wrist band? also looking to get some MX-2 thermal paste, some acoustiproducts fan mounts, and some voltage reducers/rheostats/fan controllers, preferably from the same place. basically, i'm just looking for a place to get some reliable, cheap deals.

PSS: typed this up before seeing the 'how to solve your computer emergency' sticky. the last time i reset the cmos, i forgot to disconnect the power cable, although i did make sure the psu switch was off. will now try reseating each ram in each slot before posting back, though i expect the worst.

PSSS: i'm still curious about which component is damaged -and if i use the warranty for the hyperx pc3000, what is the likelihood that i will get two new sticks with bh5 chips?