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DDR question - 4 x 256

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New Member
May 5, 2003
i currently have one stick of Corsair XMS 3000 RAM from my Asus P4PE. i just put together an IC7-G system and wanted to take advantage of DDR and was planning on upgrading to 1 gig RAM. although RAM is cheap, 2 512 sticks of Mushkin 3500 will run me around 300 with shipping ( i was also considering the TWINMOS from memoryx.com which would run around $290 for 2 512 sticks of 3700).

i could bite the bullet and get 2 sticks of 512 right now but i wouldnt mind spreading out the cost over the next month. i could pick up 2 sticks of 256 of either RAM giving me 512 DDR immediately. then in a few weeks - aka on the next credit card statement so the wife wont leave me - i could grab another 2 sticks of the same DDR giving me 1 gig.

my question is, would there be a problem running 4 sticks of 256 RAM in the IC7? would it run any differently (slower) then 2 sticks of 512? for approximately the same price would u go Mushkin 3500 or Twinmos 3700?

thanks much for any feedback!!