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different overclocking between os's?

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Jul 31, 2001
Is it normal to have a huge difference between overclocking in windows 2000 and windows xp? i thought there wasn't much difference. pretty sure i didn't change anything in my setup and ambient temps are pretty much the same as ever.

my duron 900 was easily doing 9x133, even going up to 9x137 without a problem. i have been running at 9x133 for about a week or so, then i change to winxp. now i can't get it to boot at 1200 like before. doesn't matter if i change voltage all the way up to 1.85, in the normal increments. i had be using it at 1.75.

isn't that strange? i thought winxp was just win 2000 with a newer looking interface and icons, etc. any ideas why this is?
I just discovered I can overclock higher with Linux Mandrake than winXP Pro so it is entirely possible that win 2k can get you goin higher. I installed Mandrake as a second os and dual boot still with XP. My only guess would be that there are so many services starting up with XP that it stresses the cpu more than 2k at bootup, but that's only a guess.
Same problem here

I had the same problem with my old duron it ran absoulutely fine at 933mhz in win 2k but when i went up to XP i can only get it to 900max ??? using a 133 fsb on it?? oh well i bought an xp1600 now..

thanks for the replies. i started thinking it was that stupid divx 5.0 because it reset on me a couple of times too. but the 1200 wouldn't even let me get into windows xp at all. got rid of divx 5 and now everything is working fine, at stupid 902.

really irritating cause i was starting to like xp again. oh well.
I may be way off base here, because I don't have foundation for this statement other than my own limited experience with it, but it seems to me that Windows XP is EXTREMELY sensitive to RAM memory...what kind, how much, and at what speed/voltage you run it...this has affected both my o/c's and my installs of XP...has anyone else noticed this as well, or have I finally lost it???
XP or 2000?

Could I interject here and ask everybody: If you had to do it over again, would you stick with 2000 or go with XP for an overclocked system? I've just built a system with Abit BD7-RAID & a P4 1.8 that I'd like to OC to around 2.4 GHz. I'm no expert and will need the more stable, forgiving, and neophyte-friendly system of the two. Your thoughts? Thanks...
I've had a different experience. I had successfully oc'ed a couple of TBirds w/98SE, and saw a big drop-off after trying 2K. I just put XP on one of my boxes, but really haven't messed with it enough yet to know what it will do.