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Directx 12

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Dec 3, 2015
Why does it seem like nvidia falls flat on its face in directx 12 benchmarks compared to amd? I did some research but there are 100s of different answers and it's hard to tell which are factual. What I find most shocking is a 290x keeping up with a 980ti. Can anyone explain why?
Nvidia hasn't spent much time optimizing drivers for DX12 as I understand it as there are so few dx12 games. It's also my understanding that the previous hardware generations were built specifically for DX11 power and because dx12 has a decent amount of tools etc that amd developed for mantle/vulkan they have a bit of a headstart. I imagine pascal will close the gap.
It's pretty annoying nvidia advertised full directx 12 support -_- Anyway, I was going to sli my 980ti but as of now that doesn't seem like a smart move considering how dx12 is such a handicap for it :p I guess I have to wait now
Nvida blows on DX12 now and I'm not going to hold my breath to see them get better by the huge amount they need to. AMD owns mantel and DX12 was designed after mantel format, so now Nvidias designed chip is at a disadvantage compared to AMD, maybe Pascal will blow away AMD in DX12.
Mantel is dead.

Its one title...

Look at the how fast NVIDIA says it is at launch (faster than 980 SLI). 1070 is faster than TitanX (so 980Ti territory). Now, not sure in WHAT they are faster than those in, but...
Arg! Why is everybody typing Mantel? It's Mantle! :bang head :)

The impression I got from various places is that DX11 and before are all very single-threaded style of programming, while Mantle/Vulkan/DX12 provide much more ability to split up work into multiple threads, and AMD was optimizing for that kind of programming long before nVidia, such that they suffered in previous DX versions but are now out in front.
I honestly feel like nvidia did this on purpose so people would be more hyped about their new cards