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Display cuts randomly and PC crashes but stays powered on

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Jul 30, 2014
Hi all,

As title states display cuts randomly and PC crashes but stays powered on.

I am not sure what is causing this as No BSOD ever shows up on screen, the screen just says suddenly no signal then goes black after it not having any signal going to it.

I try to remote back into the PC as I was on it via team viewer previously so can confirm it has crashed as no accessible.

I tried reseating Ram/GPU and there is no change. I have also tried to remove CMOS battery and discharge all power from the machine.

Lastly have used DDU to remove all drivers and reinstall all of those again from start but the issue persists.

HDD/Ram checkout clean without errors/corruption.

Minidump says - ntoskrnl.exe/ntfs.sys have just tried windows start up repair.

I also just got a BSOD for the amdxhci.sys file. I already removed the driver file from my system then installed it again with the drivers from my motherboards webpage. Is there something specific that needs to be done for this file as when the system does boot into the OS the ports work fine. Just for some reason getting BSOD's regarding this file.

If anyone has any advice on this one would be great.


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What is the relative age of the GPU, PSU, MB, etc.? I'm also assuming that we are talking about the machine in your sig?
Correct machine in the sig. Everything in the system is now new except the HDD's saying that all old HDD's are storage only and the one that has the OS on it is new. Last dated piece was the PSU that I replaced about 3 weeks ago.

I think its from the Windows OS causing the screen cutouts. Once I get my machine working again I will try a fresh install hopefully I don't get the BSOD relating to amdxachi file.
I have had old HDDs bite me in the arse. Disconnect those and see what happens.
Yeah plan on removing them and fresh install on the new HDD and see if that solves the problem.