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Dual RX580 won't work properly, please help

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Aug 27, 2003
Mississauga, Ontario
Hey guys, on my secondary system, Gigabyte AM3 UD-3 with FX8150:

I bought two RX580s for mining, just for fun. I posted this here because it's not really about mining but about recognizing both cards.

Both cards work fine, I can post and enter windows, and mine/play games with either one, individually.

When I install both, one in pcie16-1 and the other in -2, I get into windows (both cards light up and fans spin up). I see both cards in device manager, and in GPU-Z (while I can see most of the data about the second card in GPU-Z, including manufacturer (Gigabyte), none of the sensors work in GPU-Z for that card).

The first time I started the system, I opened the miner, and saw it recognizes both and it was mining at 8MH/s, very slow, so I went into AMD drivers and changed to "compute", and then it showed 29MH/s for the Sapphire, but still 8MH/s for the Gigabyte. I read that indeed both have to be switched to compute, but Adrenaline does not recognize the Gigabyte at all, I can't see it anywhere, it says 1 GPU present only, no option to switch to GPU2 to change settings.

Furthermore, after this first boot, I decided to factory reset the drivers, but since then I can't get the miner to recognize the second card either, I just get the usual 29MH/s from the Sapphire, but the Gigabyte still shows up in device manager, and in GPU-Z, and I can even test it in GPU-Z, although again, the sensors don't show anything for this card in GPUZ, only for Sapphire.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: I have a solution I can do, which is just put one of the RX580s into my main system with the Vega56, but I'm afraid the same problem will happen there if I don't figure this out.

PPS: GPUZ says that my cards are running PCIe2.0, even though the board and cards are both PCIe3.0 capable, not sure what that's about but nothing in BIOS about anything PCI at all, or GPUs.

I know this is a long and detailed post, I hope I get some help, thank you!
Make sure Crossfire is disabled. That will mess things up. If it is not that, I'm not sure what it might be.

On PCIe 2.0, that might be a power saving thing when the cards are not active. Mining doesn't take any significant PCIe bandwidth anyway. The big miners use 1x risers to get the most out of available lanes.
Is there a way to install a separate driver for each card, even if both are AMD? It doesn't make any sense that both cards are seen in device manager and even in GPU-Z, but only one is actually recognized by the AMD driver, even though when checking in device manager, both say they are using the driver.

As I said, the first time I tried it, the mining program actually saw both cards, but I couldn't see the setting for the second card anywhere in AMD, after numerous factory resets and different driver versions, I can't get the miner to recognize the second GPU anymore, although it shows up in gpuZ and device manager.