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duron 850 heatsink/fan

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New Member
Mar 27, 2001
I'm pretty new to the whole overclocking thing
Ive got my fsb up a bit but id like to unlock my cpu so i can up the multiplier
Im not exactly sure how to go about taking the stock heatsink/fan off of the processor, its on there pretty good and wont just pop off
could someone help me out ?
Removing a hsf can be tricky but it is something you will find yourself doing a lot if you plan to start overclocking. You will more than likely find yourself replacing the stock hsf sometime in the near future if you get bitten by the O/Cing bug.

On the HSF there is a bracket that runs through the heatsink. It has two clips on it that catch on the socket the cpu is plugged into. These will look like a square bump on each side. The trick is to push down and squeeze the clip in to get it off of the catches on the side of the socket. If you have a hard time still...I have used a small screwdriver to get the clip off while pushing down on the clip. Now here's some advice...

Before you even start to mess with it, remember you are messing with a fragile / expensive part of your computer. Be very careful and patient.

Lay the case on it's side so you are working with it on a horizontal. It is easier and much more safe to work this way. The thing to watch out for is the small rectangular part in the middle of the chip. It is very fragile and will chip if you push down too hard on one side or the other of the HSF. The safest way to remove/install a HSF is to remove the mother board.

Make sure you have some thermal grease on hand to re-apply when you go to re-install the HSF.

If you are planning to remove the CPU make sure you are grounded so you don't have a static spark jump from your fingers and zap your CPU.

Last but not least....Read as much as you can find on the subject and what other people have experienced using the same processor and mother board you have.

I'm not trying to scare you but just letting you know some of the things I needed to know when I started messing around with the inside of computers