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Duron Morgan 1.2question

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Sep 27, 2001
Is the Duron Morgan 1.2 beter than Athlon 1ghz and how war can i overclock the morgan and what is the best steping.
I have an 1ghz Athlon overcocked to 1.33ghz and i want to chance to morgan does it make sence.

You have to remember that the Durons have less cache. The 1.2 will have a faster fsb, but the lack of cache will slow it down a lot. You may be able to oc to a higher speed, but performance might be worse. I have one, but it's not oc'd, I save that for my [email protected]+. Not a great oc, but it is stable and does what I need it to do.

If my info is wrong, feel free to correct
I think you are right Duron is slower than Athlon anyway. By the way Duron doesent have higher FSB. Duron has 200 DDrFSB and Athlon has 266DDR FSB. Have you tried to overclock your Duron im intresting of how far it can go.
Just swapped my Athlon 1Ghz for a 1.2Morgan, due to a friend having compatability issues. The Morgan wipes the floor round the board over the Athlon, in Seti it is over an hour faster than the [email protected]. Don't forget that the new Duron Morgans are basically XP's with some of the cache removed, these new Daddy-Durons pack a mighty punch
Actually these chips are fast. I crunch Seti alot faster than Tbird even clocked @ 1.5, the XP core helps alot... When overclocked this thing is whipping!