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first time doing this.. a bit baffled with the result

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A friend of mine had a p2 450 with similar results. He wanted to overclock so we opened the case and much to our surprise the fan wasn't plugged in. This was a stock heatsink only 1/2" tall. The computer ran fine without a hitch like this. We got it up to 550 just by adding a fan and later 600 once we got a stinky Gorb. Remember these chips of old don't put out scads of heat like durons and T-birds.
jae87 (Jul 27, 2001 06:52 p.m.):
but.. it didn't. as soon as i was able to launch mbm, the temp was 28c.

Does your mobo use the on-chip diode or what? I myself never had a PII style mobo that measured the chip temperature; they just had a probe somewhere around the slot. If you have a fan to blow the hot air away from the probe, it isn't going to see much of a temperature change.

The temp of Intel chips can be very low at idle. Unless I run a program that really exercises the CPU, like primetest, my Athlon's temperature is very low. Stuff like reading files doesn't raise the temp much above idle.

When you touch the CPU with your finger, how hot does it feel?
get a temp reader thingie, they don't cost much and place it on the cpu, it should show accuratly the temp
Hey this might soudn silly, but when u put ur finger on it for a while, u are stopping the air from cooling it, so it will get hot. thats at least what i would think, but its off that it is cooler without a heatsink at all.....
I could very well be wrong but I would say you call it a Digital Thermometer.
0.35-micron P2's output 40-something watts, just like a 800MHz Duron but I remember seeing old P2s with beefy stock pin heatsinks. Some had no fans of their own and were just cooled using the PSU fan! (I think it was a Gateway PC I saw) Later P2s and P3s used the smaller stock heatsinks and has no heatplates between the core and the HS. Unless the stock HS design is very good, it will be very unlikely for a P2 to be at sub-30'C temperatures -but your P2 had no HS on at that time!!.

Jae87? Are you sure are measuring the temps correctly? See if you can spot a temp diode just below your mobo's slot -old P2's may not have integrated internal temp diodes. Heck, even my P3 temps are measured with mobo diodes (stupid Iwill). I think that the older CPUs are very tolerant of high temps and it may actually be running at 90'C and is still comfortable.
hey who wants to do this on their Tbird ;-)(that was a joke, please no one do this, it will kill your cpu)

That incredible, i would ALMOST try that on my p2 but it runs great with its OEM heatsink with a 92mm fan superglued onto it.