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Fong Kai 320 cooling question

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Jun 20, 2001
Upstate New York
Not sure what to do about my Fong Kai 320. The CPU duct is attached to an intake fan at the rear of the case. I think that this setting would be optimal because of the Swiftech MC-462A blowing air down over the heatsink, rather than pulling it away. In addition, I have the power supply fan sitting a slight ways above it - an outtake fan. I'm looking to seat a fan (probably a 120mm) at the front of the case. There's a fan slot there. I'm unsure as to the proper orientation of this fan. Should it be pulling air in, or pushing it out? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
I had a Fong Kai 320 case for a while and always set up the front 120mm fan as an intake. I guess that the proper thing to do would be to add up the cfm in and compare it to the cfm out on all your fans to see if they somewhat balance out. From my experience, the Fong Kai 320 was a very dusty case and you will want to use filters to keep this problem at a minimum. I tried the Addtronics cases and they seemed to be much higher in quality than the Fong Kai. I am getting ready to change once again from a Koolance case to a homemade H2O system and CVT model 4 case. Anyway, good luck in whatever you decide. On a final note, if you decide to ever try an Addtronics case you can order them directly from Addtronics for much cheaper than most ressellers will charge. Hope this helps.