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fop38 clip chips cpus easily???

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New Member
Jun 12, 2001
Hey guys

I am gonna have to buy a heatsink here pretty soon. First off, don't tell me to get a glaciator...heh. What I want to know is that is the clip on the fop38 a female dog...lol. I know 2 people that have chipped their tbirds because of the clip. Has anyone else seen that the clip is weird and difficult to use.
add another here, but that was mostly my stupidity. if you are not going glaciator the thermoengine is good. Also the two newer Vantec models are just as good and have far better clips. http://www.crazypc.com has the newer vantec models. Also the huge taisol with a delta or 80mm fan is very good too.
I use a FOP on the bench. Never chiped a CPU with it despite lots of installations. Put the motherboard on a flat surface, center the HS, take your time and use big flat blade screwdriver to set the clip . It's not that difficult.
fop38... i would personally go with something better. using a fop38 myself and running a 1.0 tbird at 1.3, but stuff like the cak and glaciator are much better nowadays. ive installed this fop tons of times though, and although its a pain ive never hurt a chip.