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Fortissimo2 Huge problems

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Apr 6, 2002
Well I just got a new fortissimo 2 and I had my celeron 633@950 at 100 fsb. I'm using winME and the problem is the sound goes out after being on for a minute or it goes out when ever I start a 3d application. I know the sound card works when the celeron isn't overclocked but i need the overclock. I have no clue what to do, I've updated bios , got the latest via drivers , got the latest sound card drivers , and the latest directx , but nothing is working.
Sounds like the fortissmo doesn't like high FSB. Try seeing how high you can get just changing multiplier. Also check IRQ's.
I know it isnt the irqs since its all alone and doesnt share an irq with any other device so i have no clue. Its wierd that it cant handle 100 fsb , but I've heard people say that its a good card to overclock with so I've formated and still no luck the thing will only at when my celeron 633 is at stock speed.
I had a similar issue with mine. Moving it to a different slot fixed it.

So try switching it to different PCI slots, and try it even if it shares an IRQ with another device. Mine happens to share it's IRQ with the USB on my motherboard but it works perfectly now.
When you set FSB = 100 do you change the PCI divider from 2 to 3? If you don't and your board bios also doesn't set it automatically, you should do it so them the PCI would be at 100/3=33.