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depends on the game. Most newer games have "console commands" you can use to see your fps
ex: Unreal Tournament, open console and type, timedemo1 i think
or BF1942, open console and type, console.showfps 1

the is also a proggy called "Fraps" that runs in the background and shows your fps in the corner of the screen. Dunno how accurate it is but seems pretty good
what is the command in the Quake 3 Console ?
I'v tried to find it out via a search in the net but faild.
thanks in advance..
i used that fraps program and ran 3dmark. the fps that the program shpwed was the same as 3dmarks fps. only the fraps program was 1/2 second behind in displaying it.
For Quake 3 Arena type in your console:
/cg_drawfps 1
If you type in /cg_ and then the tab button you will see all the commands with cg_

You also have /com_maxfps 125
This is to set your maxfps to 125, because if you have a constant fps of 125 you will jump farther and higher. More fps then 125 doesn't have any influence.
You can again use tab after /com_
to find even more things to change.
What's also a nice thing is /cg_fov 110. This sets your Field of Vision to 110 degrees instead of 90 default.
Have fun and mail me if you want to know more commands for Quake 3 Arena.