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FX 6300 OC

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New Member
May 11, 2016
I'm new here, :)
I'm looking for some help to overclock my fx 6300, but i can't imagine how i can do this. With programs or directly in the BIOS.
I really needs helps in everything, how OC, coolling and this things.
My Specs:

16GB 1600MHZ
FX 6300 3,5GHZ
R9 270X 4GB
Corsair CX-750W Bronze
Windows 10

I'm gonna buy the 212 Evo cooler to do the OC. It's ok this cooler?

I'm Waiting for replys :) and please help me. And Sorry my english ( i'm learning)
Let us know when you get the new cooler installed. You'll be noting but frustrated if you try to overclock it before then. And we will all tell you to overclock from the bios, not with software. Read the sticky located at the top of this forum section to prepare. Something you will not understand maybe but we can deal with those when you get your cooler in place.
Just food for thought, I'm using a 212 EVO and running my 8230e at 4.2ghz. I have some headroom left in the cooling but I am waiting to finish out a custom loop build for my system. With that cooler and cpu, you are probably looking at 4.5ghz max, assuming a decent overclocking chip. Some people have gotten better results, on an 8-core, but they seem to be the exception and not the rule. You may be better served with a solid AIO liquid cooler, if you could swing the extra $