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Gaming/light design/programming rig

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The Revelation

Oct 23, 2002
Ok, first, if this is in the wrong forum, I apologize. I read through the descriptions and couldn't really find a better place for it. If this IS the wrong place, please move/delete it.


I'm a designer/programmer. It's been what I do to make a living for the past 5 years. Any games I played, were on an old AMD 1GHz T-bird, with a GF2 MX. Since I'm getting more and more clients, I have more and more money to spend on PC parts/my cars. It's time to build a gaming/general task machine.

After scouring the forums for the past few days, I've come up with a part list below. I don't want to go apesh*t here, I just want something that will run games extremely well, and have a decent life expectancy (i.e. not need to upgrade in 6 months).

Here's what I have in mind:

P4 2.53/2.8 - after price drop from 3.06 release
ABit IT7 Max - Good board, pretty sure it has RAID (correct me if I'm wrong)
512MB Corsair XMS3200
Albatron Ti4200 Turbo - bang/buck
SB 5.1 - any better cards out there? will be used with a Pioneer 5.1 receiver
Lite On 40x 12x 48x Black CD-R - Flash firmware to 48x
Lite On 16x Black DVD - movies/etc
Mitsumi FDD
2 WD800JB 80GB 8MB cache - RAID 0
ViewSonic E90f - around 230$, 19"
Case/PS up in the air

All in all it's around 1400$~ depending on case/ps and cpu.

That's the price range I'm looking to stay in. I know I'll hear a 9700 comment, but remember, semi-budget. I don't need a 17k 3DMark score, 11-12 would be nice.

I might do some light OC'ing, but I don't plan on going crazy... yet. I'd like to just have some decent speed, enough to get me through next years games, at least.

So, what do you all think?
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I am on a budget too and this is wut it looks like the limit for 1400w/ shipping is (mine was with WC).

From Tufshop.com
Combo: Athlon XP 2400+ & Abit AT7-MAX2 (same baord athlon)

From ?
512 Corsair CL2 PC3200

From directron.com
Chieftec Aluminum Dragon any color window optional (door)
350W PS?
Albatron GeForce4 ti4200
Audigy X-Gamer
SLK 800 ?
Smart fan 2 ?
2 WD800JB raid wutever you want
Round cables
48x12x50 Aopen CD-RW
16x DVD?
use ur old FDD

um tell me wut i missed