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Has anyone else RMA'ed thier IC7 Max 3?

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Mar 3, 2002
I am definately gonna do it. Because, 1) cold boot issue is just killing me!!! 2) V-dimmm fluctuations are unacceptable....the main reason I bought this board was the higher v-dimm. 3) My ATX mobo connector is fritzing out on me, at first I thought it was the PSU 20 pin atx connector. But after closer inspection I see the the mobo connector "flexes" way to much and my rig won't start or I get a dead power button until I move the PSU ATX connector around. Its so touvhy that when I even bump the case or sit down hard in my computer chair it shuts the PC off!!!

I don't know which place to RMA it too?

I was thinking about sending it directly back to Abit but I have been reading thier RMA forums and am seeing alot of bad stuff like this. . This is also unacceptable! I mean come on! This dude RMA'ed his board and got a dirty-used board back...which just happend to go out on him soon after wards and took out his CPU as well. Take alook around these forums and you'lll see this isn't an isolated event. Man....how are you gonna keep a client with service like this???

I am gonna try newegg before I try Abit....I just bought a IC7 vanilla to be my temporary board while my Max 3 is getting RMA'ed...I can't afford to have any down time.

Has anyone else RMA'ed thier Max 3?