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Having software trouble overclocking my 1080ti.

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New Member
Jul 18, 2008
Ok so I have an Evga 1080ti FE card. Waiting on my GPU water block. For now I'm using its stock cooler and right now I've been overclocking it and running benchmarks and my games to see how much overclock I can get. A stable overclock I'm getting with MSI afterburner is +150MHz core and +250MHz memory on air with a custom cooling fan curve where I have it ramp up to 80% by 55 degrees and 100% by 65 degrees. Watching the temp while the card runs through 3dMark TimeSpy it doesn't go above 66 degrees. The card should be at 100%+ load but even in TimeSpy in the GPU bench it will drop down from peak and results in lower frame rates during those sections. I at first was trying to use EVGA PrecisionX software but it was much worse than afterburner, it was not applying profiles correctly at all and worse, it was consuming 8-17% CPU, giving me **** scores.

I did an ini change to afterburner to add the card as a generic card to enable a bit of voltage increase but I don't think it works even though the slider moves around. Is there a better overclocking program to use? Why is TimeSpy not utilizing the GPU enough to get a more consistent number?
EVGA Precision works good for me. Voltage is working there too. ~1.093V is max but it's causing higher temps and at the end card is not overclocking any better.
My card can't work stable above +130MHz core. Memory can go up to +400 or 500, I don't remember exactly.
To get better scores click on K button in PrecisionX. It's causing clock to stay at max. It still can go up and down a bit but will be generally higher than in normal mode.
I guess that your card can throttle because of overheating, even though temps are below throttling point. It's happening because of that stupid boost. Even if card is stable and has low temps then clock is +/- 100MHz in tests.