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Help...My puter Does nothing

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Feb 3, 2001
here is the deal..My friend and I built a new system..Asus A7V mobo, 1.2 T-bird, 256 stick "o" mem, SB live, And a Radeon 64mb ddr vid card, we got it up and running, and the thing kicked *** for about a 1/2 hr, then we shut it down, and upon restart....ABSOLUTELY nothing....Black screen, we played and played and played around w/it to no avail. So then I tried my T-bird 900 in it and still nothing, so I then proceeded to reinstall MY 900 back in my system, and well guess what..NOTHING, what the F*** is going on?, did we mysteriously "fry" his 1.2 T-bird, and my 900?, we both have Asus A7V mobo's, bothe have 256 meg "o" mem, I tried his 1.2 Tbird in my system, and NOTHING, we've tried "swapping" parts from each other's Machines, and nothing, any ideas????????????????????????????????Please help us....
oh and another thing..i have tried reseting both CMOS's on thr Mobo's, and nothing happens when hit the reset buttons on both machines...my machine was running fine at 12:00 this afternoon....no NOTHING please help...
Power supply gone bad maybe? Bad connector? Is there a LED that lights up on the board?
I got a lookalike problem some weeks ago and it appeared that my new MSI board was 'defect on delivery', but that one didn't started up at all.

I just have a TB 1200 and I ran it......that baby gets hot!!! What I should do is the following. Check all your connections, cables and jumper settings step by step again(I don't know your board well since I use an MSI). Install the 900 and clear your CMOS - do not forget to put the jumper in the right position after clearing it and try it again. I think your board is 100 FSB and has no 133 FSB jumper setting. If it has this, put the jumper in 100 FSB position. Good luck!
Well..check this out:(, I was unable to get my A7V mobo and T-Bird 900 to work, so I removed the Mobo and processor, installed my old P2 350 on a Asus P3B-F MoBo, This thing is so F***ing slow,,PLEASE FEEL SORRY FOR ME