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New Member
Dec 31, 2009
I am new to the community and I am a noob!! I need help overclocking my Acer Aspire One netbook (A0A150) with a Intel Atom n270 1.6ghz. I am looking to overclock it to at least 2.0 ghz. Also can you link all the tools I might need. And also I might need to undervolt my machine as well. Also I have the latest BIOS for acer flashed already. And you can't overclock using thee BIOS if u didn't know that already.:comp:
Thank You,
P.S. Make sure it works with Acer Aspire One A0A150 Thank You again


Mar 20, 2007
Hello Supergeek. Welcome to the forums.

Sorry, if you can't overclock it using the bios, then you can't overclock it. I'm not sure why you would want to overclock a netbook?My guess is that it would overheat, or become unstable if the bios supported it. If you could, I doubt you would notice any difference in performance surfing the web, or writing a letter, which is really all these netbooks are designed to do.

Also, typically one increases the voltage when overclocking... Not sure about why you would want to undervolt it.

Please, read the stickies regarding overclocking. That's how I got started. There is lots of good information on what to adjust, (if you have a system that supports overclocking in the bios.)

When you find a machine that can overclock, you'll find that every system is a little different. There is no one way that works for all machines of that type.

Also, keep in mind that messing with voltages without learning about overclocking could easily result in a fried machine. If you don't know what it is, it's a good idea to leave it alone. :)

If you have another system that can overclock, try googling the specific processor and motherboard. I find lots of useful hints that way.


Oct 5, 2008
Cumbria (UK)
Some people have had look using clockgen at overclocking systems that had no BIOS options for it. But I'm afraid that method of overclocking went out of the window a long time ago. Sorry but your out of look overclocking your netbook. The advantage of overclocking a netbook over the negatives wouldn't be worth it anyway. Your talking shorter battery life, increased heat and possibly the shorter life of your netbook. And what for? A 2 second faster boot up? Trust me, It's just not worth it. :)