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Help overclocking 2x16 3200mhz cheap Silicon Power memory DDR4

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Nov 20, 2022
Hello everyone,

I am trying to overclock

Silicon Power Value Gaming DDR4 RAM 32GB (16GBx2) 3200MHz (PC4 25600) CL16 1.35V​

I was able to make them run at 3467/3600mhz on a z170i + i5 6600k without issues, just by adding some voltage on the ASUS BIOS.

Now I have a Gigabyte z690i + i5 13600k.

Memory runs perfectly at XRM profile. But I am not able to overclock the memory, every time I try, BIOS CRASH. Adding voltage, relaxing times, no way, always crash before bios. Sometimes I even have to flash bios.

My memory is at XRM profile, 3200mhz, cas 16, 18 18 38 56 CR@2T
Mem Controller 1,600mhz, Uncore freq 4,100mhz

What I am doing wrong? Any suggestions to make the modules run at 3600 o 4000 mhz? Is it even feasible?

Thank you!

PS. My z690i + i5 13600k runs like a charm. On a tiny case, air cooling and disabling HT, x5.7 4 cores, x5.6 2 cores, e-cores stock, 80W max at 1.15V. 78C max.


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Welcome to the Forums KCool!

I would start by leaving the XMP settings at 3200 and bump the voltage to 1.45. Once the system boots with the XMP settings and higher voltage then try raising the frequency to 3600 MHz. If it still doesn't boot you will need to relax the timings. You can try something like 1.45v 3600MHz 18-22-22-22-42. This should be a stable setting. If it is then you can try to bring your voltage down a bit to 1.40 or maybe even 1.35v though it sounds like you've already tried it there without luck.
Thank you.

I did it and works at 3600.

cpuz says automatically changed to cas 19 19 19 43 62 1T

I will try to push it a bit more.

Thank you!
At 1.45v I am able to run them at 4000 mhz Trying some stress tests now.

is 1.45v safe?

Thank you!
running at 4000, at 1.4v

timings not too good
19 19 19 43 62 1T

Can / Should I reduce timings?

You can edit to add to your posts until someone responds. ;)

Those are the same timings it set at 3600.... you can lower it and see if it works out. But, your into the minutia at this point of seeing tangible results for your changes, FYI.
CL19 for 4000MHz isn't bad. You could try CL18-22-22-22 or 18-24-24-24 but you won't receive any noticeable benefits and should run whichever is stable. 1.45v is safe for DDR4 with good airflow. Since you are in an ITX build and your value ram lacks heatsinks I would run at 1.4v to be safe (assuming you can get it stable, maybe even try 1.38).
Thank you for all your support

i am at 4000, 18 22 22 43, 1.38v

testing stability but working so far

should i reduce timings or voltage or increase frequency?

Again, thank you so much for all your support. I am already happy with the result
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