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Hey Residentevil, is 2.3GHz your max o/c?

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Jan 24, 2002
What's your sandra mem score running at 2.3Ghz and at what FSB? Just curious to see how cpu speed combined w/ high fsb works or if memory speed is all that matters.

Haven't heard much from you since you last posted you're at 2.3GHz w/ your XP2400+ and A7V333. Have you maxed out your o/c with H2O?

How about some benchies.

btw, Glad to see you figured out your vcore problem.
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Aug 22, 2002
ok if you want some benchies this here is a 3dmark score


ok and ill give some pics of the cpu but keep in mind that i can only get 2.3ghz stable if i use some like 2 10 pound bages of ice lol. even tho i can get 1.80vcore i still cant get anything higher so im stuck on 2.2ghz without the extreme cooling. Plus i still get a little errors even on stock and Wcpuid wont work without giving me blue screens. And since i never unlocked the cpu my max fsb without going anyhigher cuss the mhz will go up is 168 wich isnt bad but i can do more than that.

the cpu isnt in my computer so i have no sandra scores to show since im rmaing it its in a box waiting for me to go tomarow and ship it. I can tell you my memory score was 2700:2600 on 166fsb max memory timings if i did this test on 180fsb or higher i probly would be getting 3k or around thier.

And cpu Arithamtic and multidia on 2.2 ghz was as fast or faster than a 3gig p4