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Hitting high fsb on an 8k5a2

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Mar 25, 2002
Washington State
This is a reply to a PM I received, and I thought it might be helpful for somebody else, too.....

First thing: make sure you're using the DEFAULT bios that came with your board. Or if you've had it a while, I think the release date on the one I'm using is 9-9. I had a TERRIBLE time after updating my bios to a beta bios for this board. Couldn't hit any high FSB. Took me a week to realize it was the bios, 'cause I updated the bios when I got the new 2400+...I was blaming the chip!

Also, did you unlock your 1600 so you can use lower multipliers? I'm guessing you did if you're even hitting 160 fsb, but I had to ask.

Another thing, the 3200 memory is just flexing its muscles at 200fsb. I think that is a huge factor in my OC. I also have a fresh air duct from the side of my computer to the delta on my slk-800 so a LOT of cool air gets blown onto my northbridge heatsink. I've been meaning to take the NB HS off and use some Arctic silver on it, but I just don't feel like taking the motherboard out to get the HS off... BUT you might want to try that to see if better thermal solution on your NB helps. And of course, air flow is good wherever you can get it.

As for the video card, these albatron 4200 turbos USED TO BE incredible overclockers. Now they suck balls. Don't know what happened, but there are a couple threads in the vid card forum where a lot of people who bought them were extremely hosed. Some of them couldn't get ANY O/C out of the card.

Good luck in your overclocking...I hope I've been helpful.



****** wrote on 11-19-2002 01:50 PM:
Hey Kosmic,
Those are some insane O/Cs you are reaching...I have the same motherboard and video card with a 1600 AGOIA and 2700 Corsair XMS. My CPU won't go over 160fsb (won't do 167 either) even after upping the voltage and with normal RAM settings...my video card wont go over 290/600....any ideas?