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How do I monitor temps, for my cpu?

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Curt, the best but not easiest way is to pick up one of those small digital thermometers for around $15.00. Then drill a 1mm hole throught the HS above the core and epoxy the sensor in it, touching the core. No significant impact in cooling efficiency and most importantly, you can watch the CPU temp before the system boots up. It might be the edge you need to save a CPU in the event of an HSF failure. They're about the size of a pack of matches and stick on the front of the case.

Crazy PC has them. This kind uses an RTD that is supposed to be thin enought to slip between the top of the CPU ceramic carrier and the base of the HSF and nudge up against the core. Defintely feel this out before applying power! If the the base of the HSF is not sitting on the core, you wil cook it. You can cut away the plastic carrier on the RTD and stick the bead down in the hole in the HSF. I actually bought a Radio Shack indoor/outdoor unit of similar nature and cut the sensor out of the plastic capsule it was in. Nice tiny bead that fit in the hole in my HSF perfectly. The Home Depot down the road had a similar product for like $10.00.

umm, do you mean drill a hole perpendicular to the die, or paralell? I think you mean perpendicular. so I lay the wire on the die, and make a small hole that will fit the sensor. ??? kind of confused, your gonna have to go into serious detail here.
When you pull the HSF off, there will be thermal grease left on it where it contacted the core. Drill a tiny hole straight through the baseplate centered in that grease print. Give it a look first to make sure you're not into a fin and offset if necessary. Clean out any drill tailings from the hole. From the fin side of the baseplate, push the sensor through the hole until you see it come through on the core side of the baseplate. Put a little epoxy on the the sensor, preferably Arctic Silver Epoxy, but that is not absolutely necessary. Then pull it back into the hole until it is flush with the coreside baseplate surface and let it set up. Wipe off any epoxy that gets on the faceplate core surface. The point is to have the sensor as close to the baseplate surface without protruding beyond it.

I appreciate your reply, you've been very helpful man, much thanx. One more ? if I may. How do you like your Swiftech MC462-A HSF? Does it work well in conjunction with your solution to my temp problem? I might order one, even though they're expensive as, well you know. I know it takes a while for them to process your order though, due to low production numbers, and fan distribution...I like your solution for the 'radio shack temp reader', and will give it a try, since there is a radio shack right down the street from me. Thanx
Believe me when I tell you. There is nothing like the MC-462A. Headroom to spare and a good investment as it will outlive your next three CPUs. The mounting system it uses is the only way to go IMHO. I have a spare one that is already drilled for a thermistor. If you can't get one in a timely fashion, email me and we'll work something out.

Be careful shucking the thermistor out of the capsule. It takes "A cool hand, a keen eye and Horse sense." Not to mention a sharp exacto, or if you have it, a moto-tool with cutting disk. If you pooch it, there's another identical thermistor inside for measuring room temp, and it's not encapsulated. Just solder it on the zip cord end. Good Luck.