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How do I upgrade my bios on my A7V?

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Senior Member
Jan 6, 2001
I have downloaded the bios, but what do I do then? I know I have to put it on a floppy, but what other files do I need? (Please specify)
I'm still running the 1004D, so I really need to get it upgraded!
Hey friend, you should also download a file called "AFLASH.EXE". That file is also on Asus' website. I think it's under flash utility software button. Once you get the BIOS file and the AFLASH file, you make a "clean" boot disk (meaning nothing else on the disk except COMMAND.COM) by doing a SYS A: from a Windows 9x or DOS but not under Windows ME nor Windows 2000.

Once that's done, copy the *.AWD (the flash BIOS file) and AFLASH.EXE onto that clean floppy, boot your system from the floppy and once you are on the A prompt, type "AFLASH" and press Enter. You can choose option 1 to make a backup copy of 'current' BIOS just in case you need to go back for some reasons. Then after that, choose option 2, type in the name of your *.AWD file and go from there.

Sorry if I've been too instructional. But hope that helps.