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How do you know!!

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Dec 21, 2001
Hi all,
How do you know if your CPU is bad,mine seems to be slowly going down hill,at first it was the # 10 multiplier it wouldnt boot and then it wouldnt boot on 10.5,so I redid the unlock 4 times and know it wont boot at all except in default mode,although it will boot @ 133 and 10.5,but the minute I try to up the FSB I get the blue screen of death and this is after I cleaned the CPU with alcohol and totaly removed the conductive grease and I also removed the pit fill and it is totally like it was when new,it was working fine even after I put it in my new MSI KT3,I hope it isnt my new MOBO.
Any help would be great..Thanks
Have you checked your voltages? This sounds like a +5V line problem. Need to observe those readings under load.
Ok I just did that my CPU core Volts are 1.82
+5 was 4.92
+5 standbye was 4.95
-5 was 4.95
What does this mean,I have the voltage set @ 1.85 in the Bios
And these were taken while running Prime 95..\
Also on a related note,I noticed on the CPU if you look close there looks like little wires coming through the surfice,I used some real fine sand paper to get the comductive grease off because it was shorting out a while back and I think I may have sanded to much,so I took some clear nail polish and painted over the exposed wires and now it boots like normal so far,I am running prime 95 to see if it is going to hold..
This was a STUPID move on my part:(
what i dont understand is why u still unlocking it with a pencil? i went to pepboys the very first time i unlocked my system paid about 8 bucks bought a little bottle of defogger repair traces came home did it then like a dumbass knocked the bottle over and lost 96 percent of the stuff but that was thanksgiving day and it has been working PERFECT since then.. i would never unlock a cpu with anything but this stuff.. go get it and unlock it with this.. my +5 line is 4.86 around load and im doing fine... i hear anything under 4.84 or 4.80 and u have a prob...
No pencil here,it is the conductive grease,but I am going to get the defogger kit and give it a try//
No its an overclocking kit I got online..
It hasnt moved when I put it on,but I did smudge it and cleaning it off with alcohol you could still see some smudging on the chip and I figured it may short so I sanded it with fine sand paper, and sanded a bit to much:(
Those voltages are fine. You generally see problems below 4.8V. I notice that you have a very ordinary HSF - what are your temps under load?
Under load is great about 40 to 41 C and it isnt ordinary..
Check out Crazy PC for details:D