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How to apply Arctic Silver2

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May 24, 2001
Maine, USA
I'm purchasing an Athlon 1.2Gig/266 and a Global WinFop 38, stock fan replaced by a Sunon 42CFM 80mm which will be 10db quieter and have better performance. Anyways, how exactly do you apply the Arctic Silver to the processor? Do you coat the entire surface? How thick of a layer? Will the tightness of the heatsink to the processor affect conductivity and overall functionality? Please help :) Thank you
One more thing. Should I have the fan mounted on for sucking or blowing for best performance??
to make that page really short, apply a paper thin layer that barely covers the cpu and the blue (or whatever color) die can not be seen through it.

Seat the heat sink with as little movement as possible. Once the clip is attached, give the sink a slight twist one direction then the other to ensure proper seating and to even out the layer of AS.

As for your fan question........try it both ways.....some get good results with the fan blowing.....some sucking.
suck or blow?...like what was said before...i would reconmend trying both ways, taking note of the temps, whatever works better is what you should go with.. the answer to that question really depends on the conditions in your case...but ill add, make sure you creat the same enviroment when doing it, such as if you leave your case closed, make sure its closed when testing the fans, ive seen some people leave the case open for easy access to the fans thinking it wont make a difference
I posted in the double thread but no one seems to be looking or posting in that one so,,,

You need a very thin layer. To start you need to get a small amount on the core, this is hard with a new tube as the stuff comes flying out, you need to pull back on the aplicator almost as soon as it starts coming out, then I take a plastic bag, and cover my finger with it (like a rubber glove) and spread it over the slug with my finger, then finally I take a flat object, credit card, razor blade and smooth over the top of the core taking excess AS off and getting a flatter layer.